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AJ Purchasing Agent

AJ purchasing agent is in China, where being recognized as the world’s leading manufacturing center. We have fruitful experience in serving international customers from many industries, including machinery, consumable, IT, etc. On the other hand, we have the same language, traditional culture and customs with mainland China. We’re just like a bridge between mainland China and western countries.

About Us

Quality Control & Shipping

We can help you handle all aspects of quality control and shipping. Irrespective of what your objective is, whether to source competitively from emerging markets for export purposes or to gain international Chinese sourcing expertise to make informed decisions.

AJ purchasing agent will be there with you through each step of the process.


Thank you for your interest in our services,AJ Purchasing Agent can manage purchasing and shipping from China.If you choose us as your purchasing agent, we will sign an agreement with you.

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Our Advantage

Because of the low cost labor and materials, China had become one of the biggest “Manufacturer and Export giant” in the world with fast growing GDP, so that buying from China can get higher profit margins than anywhere and China will become more further open and get closer to the world than ever. You can buy original products from China, and products quality stable and production record traceable.

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Happy Clients

Customers Reviews

“Excellent!! I always recommend AJ Purchasing Agent.”

Frank C.

“Allen is a highly professional colleague who is a great communicator and translator. I would not hesitate in recommending Allen for purchasing services.”

Matthew F. Norwich

“A pleasure to work with AJ Purchasing Agent :)”

Kim H.

“Allen is thorough professional and he respond to all my inquires within a short. Highly recommend.”

Fua. N.

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Usually, you will get reply within 24 Hours after you contacted us. Any information from you is warmly welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you and let us work together.

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