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AJ Purchasing Agent are groups of professional agents to help customers worldwide to purchase products from China!

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About AJ Purchasing Agent

  • AJ purchasing agent is in China, where being recognized as the world’s leading manufacturing center. We have fruitful experience in serving international customers from many industries, including machinery, consumable, IT, etc. On the other hand, we have the same language, traditional culture and customs with mainland China. We’re just like a bridge between mainland China and western countries.
  • We’re a China purchasing agent with a strong understanding of China markets and international trade.
    We help importors,distributors to source and purchase products and other business services in China.
    Our team has a lot of experience in servers,IT networkings,machinery and work with hundreds of China manufacturers.

AJ Purchasing Agent

  • Pick up customers who come to visit production facilities, meetings, hold vendor audit meetings, sign contracts. Company presentation.
  • Prepare and finish shipping documents, including Invoice, Packing List, Sales Contract Form E-Certificate of Origin, etc.
  • Translate contracts, technical documents, emails, company brochure, marketing materials, quality control documents, etc.
  • Simultaneous interpretation when calling,meetings, travels, conferences, factory audits and exhibitions.
  • Deal with export procedures including shipping documents, ship booking, after sales service as well as guiding clients to verify production facilities.
  • Provide conversation-based translation and translate the non-Chinese technical requirement documents before making confirmation with purchase orders

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