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Product Sourcing

Once our clients contact us for sourcing needs and we received the requirements, we will make sure we really understand what our clients need. A blueprint, specifications or sample is needed for an accurate quote.

  • If it is not in the range of products that we specialized in, we will try to do our best to search for as possible.

We will analyze the requirement with its materials, specifications, packaging and freight, as well as quantities, budget and time lines. Then we will implement sourcing solutions and provide a range of options and various price points to help you decide.

Find Possible Manufacturers/Suppliers

We locate and develop the potential manufacturers or suppliers that have the capability to supply the products per requirements and range of options for investigating, ensure the chosen suppliers offer the best price, high quality components and timely deliveries.

  • We can filter out the misleading advertisers that are not factories but opportunists that inflate prices and give a very poor service and a very bad impression of Chinese manufacturers.

  • If the clients had already the existing suppliers in China but there is trouble in the business, we can work with them to solute the problem.

Many Chinese manufacturers though small size but provide good quality and best services at lower price, when giving them opportune guidance. We will recommend and help our clients identify and choose them for more profits.

Negotiation On Behalf Clients

Advises management of client on the appropriate supplier to be chosen and implements purchase contracts that comply with the requirement and local government regulations. Meanwhile we take attention to the local affected legal and environmental issues and maintain ethical practices in the process.

  • All the quotations are made between our clients and the manufacturers. The supplier’s information is made transparent to our clients and keeps business information absolutely confidential.

Once you receive the samples if possible and satisfy at it, you sign the order and place the deposit on it, we can commence and control the production as the purchase order and contract between us.

Production & Order Management

We will visit the factory to assure the order is on the production schedule and maintain timely control of orders.

  • During the production, we monitor the process and work with the manufacturer to solve any problems in the production.

Quality Control & Inspection

  • We inspect the goods as well as the packaging to ensure it is well within the specifications. For urgent jobs, we will facilitate the factory and can often attain lead times better than expected.

Logistics Management

  • We will give you advice on the shipment and recommend the forwarding for you to obtain the competitive rates and effective shipment.


  • We can arrange our clients to visit suppliers in China, book local hotels, planes, etc. For customers and offer translation services.


Below are the alternative service programs available for our clients

  • Sourcing, supplying and shipping products to accepted prices and terms or 3~5% commission on sales. Inspection charge is normally included. Quotation is completely free of charge.
  • Factory audit and inspection service to an agreed fee plus expense.
  • Procurement management on a commission structure (normally for large, repeating orders).
  • Custom product manufacturing consultation to an agreed fee.
  • Logistic Management to an agreed fee.

  • Packaging design / Prototype Making to an agreed fee.

  • Customized partnership agreement according to the needs of each client.

(Official Payment Accounts with free AT

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